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Like any close-knit organisation, our people are what set us apart. The diversity of backgrounds, age groups, skill sets and most importantly, approaches to any one task, has afforded our clients incredible originality of ideas and campaign options. Whilst all creative and administration is handled in our offices in Sydney, economy of scale dictates that most of our production is outsourced through a network of trusted suppliers. This way, we can determine the best production company according to your specific needs. As the pivotal point of control for the many components that are required in meeting your marketing objectives, More Than Marketing can save time and hassle; and at the same time ensure that each component meets stringent quality control for uniformity to the campaign. This results in better value for money and ultimately a better job for our clients. For comprehensive details about our key personnel, please click on the links below. 



John Brockel

Creative Director

John Brockel is about as demanding a marketing professional as is humanly possible. That is why his clients trust him implicitly and they know they can rely on his word. Perfection is his middle name and this is apparent in all his tasks from concepts to TV production to corporate refurbishment, right down to the colour of the ink inside your promotional pens. He ensures that nothing is missed and that More Than Marketing can proudly claim to always deliver on a promise.


Frank R Bates

Sales Executive | Event Specialist

Frank brings decades of experience in marketing and special events, and with an enviable reputation in the disciplines of sports, corporate and community events including sponsorship and operations. Frank exhibits extraordinary initiative and adaptability. Anyone who knows Frank, would attest that he certain is an effective communicator, particularly in dealing with departments heads, every level of government, and media organisations. Frank is also the President of Beverley Park Golf Club so if he’s not in the office, you’ll know where to find him.


Jamie Barratt


A long-term resident of Port Moresby, Jamie brings wide-ranging skills to our alliance of marketing support services. Leading the PNG operations on the ground in Port Moresby, Jamie is our front man for local clientele who need a timely response and sharp action. Whatever your company needs, Jamie and the team at More Than Marketing can make it happen.


Lisa Owen


Lisa Owen has a marketing and public relations background and over recent years has concentrated on producing flawless text for everything from advertising and brochures to annual reports and even this website. Dotting the Is and crossing the Ts is only the beginning for this dedicated and pedantic individual. Not even a double-space gets past her. If you think your draft copy has been checked and is already perfect, then a word of warning: 'beware her red pen!'


Alan Wadey

Art Director

Alan Wadey is a veteran of the advertising industry. With over 50 years’ experience, he is the creative backbone of More Than Marketing. He has contributed to such iconic campaigns as "Trust British Paints? - Sure can!"; "Oh, What a feeling, Toyota!"; Amber Tiles "Yabba, Dabba, Doo!" plus major accounts including: Australian Jockey Club, Selleys, Northern Territory Tourist Bureau, Mazda Dealers, Soul Pattinson and Merck Sharp & Dohme. During his career, Alan has worked with such major advertising agencies as Schofield Sherbon Baker and Saatchi & Saatchi - and by the way; he is a 'radical' skier with a black run named after him at Big White, Canada: "Grump's Gulch".



Victoria Love

Graphic Designer

Translating the creative ideas of an Art Director and Creative Director into something the client can understand can be a tricky and highly demanding task - one that Victoria Love attacks head on. Tight deadlines and seemingly endless final adjustments would send any average graphic designer into a spin. For the past 20 years, Victoria has thrived on the variety of jobs in the marketing environment, including websites, animation and more. Sporting the latest and greatest in design programs, and only feeling at home in a multi-monitor setting, Victoria is literally in cyberheaven.




Support team

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